Q: How many slices are the pizzas cut into?
A: Small, medium, and large pizzas are all cut into 8 slices.
Q: How many people does each size pizza feed?
A: A small feeds 1-2 adults, Medium 2-3 adults, and a Large about 4 adults 2 slices per person.
Q: Do you have a minimum for delivery, and is there a delivery fee?
A: Yes we have a minimum of $85 for delivery, and a $2.99 delivery fee.
Q: How do you order a catering salad?
A: We make our salads in a catering bowl for however many people you need it for and its $3.99 per person. For example, salads for 10 people would be 10 X $3.99 = $39.99 Salads that are for smaller groups such as 1-4 people will be made individually. You then choose if you want a small or a large size.
Q: How do you order cookies?
A: Cookies are baked fresh every morning therefore we need one day in advance for these. Please order these by the dozen.
Q: How far in advance should I order for a delivery?
A: The sooner you place your order the better. If it's a last minute order just let us know what time you would like the delivery for and we will call you back to confirm and try to accommodate you.
Q: Will you provide plates on a catering order?
A: Yes we will bring plates, napkins, cheese and peppers. If you would like utensils please let us know and we will bring as well.
Q: What type of dressing is provided with a catering salad?
A: We typically bring ranch and Italian on the side. We will provide salad bowls, croutons, and utensils for the salad as well. If you would like any other dressings, please specify when placing the order.
Q: What is your delivery range?
A: We deliver to Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain view, Milpitas, North San Jose, and other parts in San Jose. If you are unsure please give us a call at one of our locations and we will gladly assist you.
Q: If I do not specify whether or not I want a pizza thick or thin, how will this be made?
A: All of our pizzas come on a thick crust except for the ones specified on our menu. Therefore if you do not select a thick or thin option, THICK will be made.
Q: May I change a pizza on the menu from thin to thick, although specified as thin crust?
A: Yes any pizza can be changed to Thick or Thin crust.
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